Lachi poses on a red carpet wearing fashionable clothes and holding a sparkly cane that is blue on the top and yellow on the bottom, signifying support for Ukraine
A sparkly mobility cane, with blue on the top half of the cane and yellow on the bottom half

Slava u-Cane-ia! Blue and White Glam Cane

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The disability community includes those most vulnerable in times of war, whether it be difficulty evacuating, or reliance on medical or electric equipment. War is often when many join our community, resulting from callous travesties experienced during wartime. We designed this mobility cane to do our small part to stand against tyranny and to support the people of Ukraine. All profits will go to Nova Ukraine -

Like all glam canes it is a standard white cane with glittery, striking color, sealed with glaze for durability. Multiple cane lengths available, with rubberized handle and white ball tip.